Smoking Caps

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These are the caps I have ready to ship, I no longer do custom orders so if you don't see it I don't have it. As these sell I may become motivated to make more but don't count on that, if you see one you want you better grab it now. As ever email me first to see if I still have the one (or more) you want.
C 13 Sold
Wool smoking cap, unlined with second hand influence. This is a French style that they would call: le style oriental. Not Oriental as in China or Japan but Oriental as in Turkey or the Balkans. This cap has a bit of interfacing in the front to help it stay upright and the back is meant to collapse with a soft fold. The crown is peaked and the button on top is antique black glass "jet", the tassel is somewhat fixed but not so much that it can't swing a bit. Not overdone on the decoration, just enough to avoid being dull and uninteresting. Altogether a fine 19th century cap that you won't see on many other heads.   Size 7 5/8 fit should be loose rather than tight for the best comfort. $52

General note on size, shipping and ordering:
Sizes are a guess based on using a hat stretcher run out to fill the cap without straining it, then I measure the stretcher and convert the measurement to standard hat sizes, mistakes can be made at every step and the so called standard sizes vary by make so this means the sizes are more or less around about what I say they are. Fit on the wool caps should be loose, the pillbox styles not so much.
Standard shipping free in the US. Priority Mail add $3.50.
Shipping outside of the US is very expensive.
Ordering, email me first to see if I still have the caps you want, then you can pay by Paypal or however we work it out by email.
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C-15 Sold
Unlined wool cap with reverse applique detail on crown. This cap is not folded, it is a tall pillbox. Charcoal grey with red trim.  Very comfortable and around a size 7 5/8  $52
Pillbox style cap wool with wool yarn trim. Roughly size 7 1/2 but being wool it has some stretch and you don't want a tight fit on a lounging cap anyway. A nice cap that is not the usual fare this cap will stand out in a crowd without being too gaudy. A good 19th century look for the low price of $52.