9Th Va. lnf.Haversack 
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Copied from one in a museum. The original was carried by a member of the 9th Virginia Infantry (Armistead's Brigade ANV). A small haversack shaped like a McClellan saddlebag. The flap strap is leather but a cloth strap holds on the buckle. The shoulder strap is not painted on the backside to save on hard to get linseed oil. Although small it will hold four days cooked rations which is all a soldier would ever have at one time. Enlisted haversacks are for food, they are not for things you care about or need to keep clean. (Thanks to Rob Stevenson for the correction on the description.)
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Confederate Haversacks. I have now seen two of the same pattern. Like most CS made items they are close but not the same. One was hand sewn the other machine, one had two buttons the other a torn spot where a button hole might have been. One was canvas the other a woven stripe. They were the same size and pattern. These are "copies' using elements of both.
CS-1 $47
About 11 1/2" wide, 11" tall . Strap is 43" from top of bag to top of bag. Hand sewn button hole. Persimmon seed button, I have an article on these here someplace.
Mass. Haversack SOLD OUT

EoG calls these Mass. haversacks but this is copied from one carried by a Vermont soldier. The pattern is from a very old CCG from back in the folded page days when Bill Kietz printed it in his basement. There was a short lived column called Collector's Corner that would feature an artifact with fairly detailed notes. As most people who had the ability to make patterns realized that they were better off making the items and selling them they quit giving it away. Painted back and strap, unpainted front, no inner bag, painted over machine buttonhole, reproduction bone button. The strap is not as wide as most haversacks, only 1 1/4" wide and is around about 46" from top of bag to top of bag. The bag is 11 1/2" by 11 1/2" it just looks longer than it is wide. The button is set just above where the flap folds empty to relieve strain when it is packed. I carried one much like it for some years and the unpainted front will darken with use.

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