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Housewife / Mending Kit         $25.00
This housewife is from one in my collection and is all hand sewn. This pattern is different from any I have seen; it is in two pieces both simple rectangles folded on one narrow end and whip stitched around the edge. The inner piece is made with the selvage edge as the upper part and is open to make a pocket. I include a few buttons, pins, needles, thread and a ring thimble. The original is "homespun" cotton plaid, my reproductions are the same type of fabric but different colours, the original is somewhat poorly sewn and I have tried to keep the construction the same but not to the point of making a weak item that might come undone in use. (Funny for a sewing kit to be poorly sewn but it looks like a child may have made it.) Good chance to get a kit that looks a bit different without moving up to the much higher priced commercial leather or oilcloth types.  8" X 3"

Wool and cotton jean blanket.     $75.00 postage paid in the US.
Unwashed about 7' X 5'11", when washed it will shrink about 4" both directions. Weight about 3 1/2 lbs. Unfinished ends as issued. Good Confederate blanket that is light and easy to carry yet still warm enough to use.

Massachusetts/Vermont Haversack $52 one in stock
Copied from one featured in CCG many years ago that was carried by a Vermont soldier. Also seen in EOG Union. Half painted with plain front and a single button closure. Machine sewn and hand-sewn buttonhole. 

English Export Haversack (Enfield) SOLD OUT
I first made this haversack in 1977 for Craig Carroll. The pattern being taken form an original owned by the late Fred Fleming of NC.  Originals were British made for export and are not the same as issued to British troops.  I have also spoken to another collector that at one time owned one with Confederate markings. The bag is plain canvas with two leather closure straps. The shoulder strap is narrow webbing much like canteen straps. Made in the former British colony of Virginia.

Officer's Haversack     $110.50  and up   officer's haversack page for in stock
These are not copies of any one haversack; instead they use elements from many different haversacks and saddlebags. (Officer's haversacks and most early shooter's bags are pretty much just half a pair of saddlebags on a shoulder strap, they would have been made by the same craftsmen so they made what they knew how to make) This gives you a custom looking item, as it should be for a private purchase item. Every original Officer's haversack is different and I reflect that concept in these "reproductions". I have had two well-known collectors review them and pronounce them to be good. They are solid bags and hold up well to actual use, I know of one that was used to carry books and tools by an archaeologist for over four years (He told me had gotten the war's use out of it and it was still going strong)

Canteen Accessory Pouch$20.00
  This item is not a copy of an original; it is loosely based on an original item. It is a handy piece and is good to carry many items that would not do well in your haversack. I was inspired to make this after Red River 1 when a man cut himself on his razor he had in his haversack.

CS. Painted Canvas Reins$ sold out
Painted canvas four layers thick, length based on Ordinance manual specifications.

Budget Smoking Cap (same price since 1984)$ 8.00 + shipping, ship free with haversack or other large item.
   I was the first to sell these now almost everybody carries them, I still think mine are the best. Same price since 1984.

Better Smoking Capprice varies
    Different styles and materials, see the smoking cap page for details and what is in stock.

Flannel Night Cap$ 8.00+ shipping, ship free with haversack or other large item.
    Basic jelly bag style nightcap made from simple cotton flannel, very basic cap.

Traveling Cap, a folding sleeping cap          $8.00+ shipping, ship free with haversack or other large item.
   From The Working Woman's Guide, an 1830s pattern for a sleeping cap that fold flat like a handkerchief.

Navy Cap, Black, Blue or Grey,$ sold out
Button and ribbon finish varies plain black ribbon. Wool caps with heavy cotton interfacing in crown. One of the best-priced navy caps you can find.

Fancy Navy Cap$ sold out
Same caps as above with some fancywork on top. I made two of these for TNT's Andersonville and one was worn by Munn. A nice cap on a bad guy (actually the actor is a nice guy and he liked the cap)

"Goodyear" Rubber Comb  New Style   $10.00+ shipping, ship free with haversack or other large item.
  Fine tooth traditional style pocket comb. This comb does not have as fine of teeth as the above so it will not clean your hair just style it. Some people have trouble with the ultrafine teeth of my other comb so here is another style. I have seen some sutlers selling plastic combs as hard rubber, this is rubber. If you have only seen old hard rubber products that have lost their sheen this is how they looked when new. As it is hard rubber it will break if bent too far but is less likely to break than wooden combs.

CS. Postage Stamps, 7 types, set of 25 of each$ 5.00
  I printed these many years ago, I had planned to print all the Confederate issues but only got this far before my father died (he had the printing presses) Offset lithography with actual ink, not Xeroxed. They have been sold on Ebay as originals and as collectable fakes (there are people that collect fakes)

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